Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Things unfinished...

I have been ridiculously stressed out by, well, everything. I made it through my tests and paper just fine (two A's and a B, thus far - just haven't gotten the paper back yet), but then, during Spring Break, instead of spending my week relaxing on the beach, I had to get caught up with doctor and dentist appointments, visit people I hadn't seen in a while, and deal with familial medical problems. 

Not at all surprisingly, I didn't knit too terribly much before or during Spring Break, and I haven't really gotten back in the groove. I did make a schedule of projects that I want to finish in the next couple of months.

Sara's (Probably Unrealistic) Schedule of Knitting Completion-ness

3/31 - Meaghann's gloves (these have been on the needles since early January. I am not pleased.)

3/31 - Wishful Thinking hat and pattern

     This is just a swatch. I have now cast on for the hat... let's see, three times? I'm hoping this time will be the charm. Also, the swatch does not look that funky in real life. It just refused to lay flat for a good photo.

4/4 - Knitting Olympics sweater - except for the addition of what is maybe half the collar, it still looks the same as in the previous post.

4/11 - Unnamed, undesigned hat - For my roommate's boyfriend. (My roommate is getting the Wishful Thinking hat, so don't get any funny ideas.) This goal could prove interesting. 

4/18 - January Sock Club Socks

Why, yes, I have had this yarn and pattern since the end of January. Yes, this is the first of two socks. No, the color is not that muted in real life. It's what one gets when one takes photos at 10 p.m.

4/24 - Dye hunting sweater yarn. This is for my mom. She's going to New Zealand. She also paid for the yarn and dyes, so I figure I should get the freaking sweater done before the NZ trip in June.

5/9 - Hunting sweater. As in, completed. As in, I am insane. I think there are two weekends between the dyeing and the completion, so maybe I can do it.

5/14 - Socks for my uncle. Because I've only been promising them to him for about a year now. 

5/22 - March Sock Club Socks. Haven't got the yarn or the time (yet). At the bare minimum I'm looking forward to getting the yarn in a few days from now.

5/31 - A Christmas present. I think the recipient reads this blog, so I will probably only provide hints.

I only got this far in my planning - the bell rang. I have other schedules in my favorite drag-around notebook, but this one is the most recent (though perhaps least realistic?). I always like seeing if I can make reasonable deadlines (create and reach, I mean). 

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