Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An occupied bed...

... and the pictures to prove it:

I am finally finally FINALLY closing in on the finish line of my Knitting Olympics sweater... just in time for the weather in Texas to warm up for good, I imagine. I feel bad hoping that it will be cold enough to wear this sweater before next November (thank you Texas weather), but I really want to show it off!

Also currently on the needles are my socks from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Notorious Sock Knitters club. But, since this is a member-only organization, I can't show them to you. Not that there's much to look at, since I haven't even finished the first little bit.

I'm also working on *something* for Mother's Day for my mamá, and I'm trying (not too) desperately to finish a pair of gloves for my roommate for Christmas. (I started them in January. Yes, I feel bad that it's taking so long, especially since the same warm weather that prevents me wearing my sweater-coat prevents her from wearing her gloves. Also I think she might have appreciated having them that day that it snowed here.)

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