Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holy crap, time flies!

You know that unreasonable schedule of completion-ness that I had a couple posts/months back?

As you can probably guess, nothing on that list is done. (I blame turning 21, 40 pages of papers due in one week, graduation, and moving.)

Here's the list again, and all my excuses:
  • Meaghann's gloves - Tiny. Have to reknit the fingers. Too fussy, basically.
  • Wishful Thinking hat and pattern - Sized incorrectly so just a tad bit too big - too long, mostly. Ear flaps are done but not attached because I want to rip out part of the brim to account for the excess length.
  • Knitting Olympics/Double Cream sweater - Um, still not done. Still only has just half the collar. I'm planning on snuggling up with it today, though, because it's raining cats and dogs and I'm sick and injured (krav maga injury)
  • Unnamed, undesigned hat - Funny story. We're not roommates anymore (no falling out, just lease expirations), so I think this one is getting frogged in the hypothetical sense.
  • January Sock Club Socks - I have actually been working on these. These have not been working for me though - I had to rework the gusset three times to get the length right, and now the heel is being wonky so I'm ignoring it by way of punishment. And yes, this is still the first of two socks.
  • Dye hunting sweater yarn - That aforementioned lease expiration put quite a cramp in my plans to dye the yarn: I'm living in someone else's house and I would REALLY hate to screw up their kitchen. Oh, and the New Zealand hunting trip is done and over with. Oops.
  • Hunting sweater - See above about NZ hunting trip
  • Socks for my uncle - Heh. Promised him some for Father's Day. Then promised they'd be done by the time he got back from his three weeks of traveling to places I can't remember.
  • March Sock Club Socks - Got the yarn, got the pattern, don't got the time yet.
  • A Christmas present - I don't even remember what I was talking about at the time, and I'm not sure who the recipient was supposed to be
I did, however, finish a project that I had forgotten about since Christmas. And by finish, I mean I got through the knitting bits. There's a crochet border that I'm ignoring. (I'm getting really good at ignoring knitting, apparently.) It's a bath rug, the Garterlac Bath Rug from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. It's in Peaches N' Creme Daisy Ombre, so it looks like popcorn a bit. (I'll add a photo later... my camera's gone missing in the move and my iPhone cable is downstairs.) (When I took it out of the bag to get a photo I accidentally pulled out a couple of (very short) rows on the last corner. So now it's not really done any more. Not that it was really done anyway; see above re: crochet border.)

I want something that will knit up really FAST. My current inventory of WIPs, excluding the bath rug mentioned above, looks like this:
  • M's gloves
  • January sock club socks
  • Endless Cardishawl
  • Wishful Thinking hat
  • Double Cream (Knitting Olympics) sweater
Those were all I could think of when I was coming up with a "WIP: To Finish by the End of the Summer" list.

Did I mention I intend to knit Christmas presents too? And that two of the WIPs on that list are from LAST Christmas?

Crap. Time to knit.