Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knitting Olympics

The Knitting Olympics start tomorrow. I am knitting this:

It's called Double Cream and was published in the January 2009 edition of Simply Knitting (which is a British knitting magazine. I have no idea where I got it. I would guess JoAnn Fabrics or some such.).

I am knitting it in this beautiful emerald green Wool of the Andes. (Something I have never seen on knitting blogs: No one ever bitches about how friggin' expensive it can be to knit. Even with the WotA, which is $3.99/100g hank, I paid $47.88 for the yarn for this project. I AM A COLLEGE STUDENT. The money for this project came out of my Christmas yarn fund (which I will explain later). Now, granted, I will end up with something that NO ONE else in the world will have, BUT holy crap that's a lot of money for one project.)

I just had a small panic attack about not ordering enough yarn, so I had to go through figuring out the number of meters of yarn necessary, convert meters to yards, then divide the number of yards necessary by the yardage per hank of yarn in order to confirm that yes, 12 hanks of yarn really is enough. (Really 11.4 hanks, but fractional orders apparently don't work.)

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