Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Hat to Start Me Off

I got this hat pattern from Ravelry, of course. You can find it here. Picture quality is crappy because I took the photo while wearing it... which means, of course, that I couldn't see the tiny display on my camera.

I LOVE this hat. I had to leave out one cable repeat because I was using leftover yarn and ran out in the middle of the decreases (so I ripped back and removed a cable repeat). The only objection I have to that method is that the brim stretches out very easily, but I think I can block it back into shape. Which is, of course, a terrible thing to say.

This is one of the few things I have knit for myself. Probably 90% of everything I make is given away. I feel like I've forgotten half the things I've knit already. I should really update my Ravelry account... (bibliophibian, if you're wondering). But not until I do my homework, which is what I'm currently avoiding.

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